Lazy Start Horse company has been in the horse business for 10 years now.

From the Owner Maria Crane herself

The more I got into Natural Horsemanship, the more I began loving the training aspect of the horse world. I specialize in horses with extreme behavioral issues and have had some seriously messed up horses come into my program. In the last year I decided to get into the selling aspect of this world and wanted to offer horses that had been evaluated for their minds and safety.

I wanted people to be able to come to me and feel good about what they were buying and could reassured that what they brought home, was exactly what they wanted. Horses stay in training the entire time they are with me and are ridden and worked with each and everyday they are here.

In fact my horses increase in price as their education continues. To me the safety of the future owners is the most important aspect of my job, I do offer a 90 day exchange policy and if you buy the wrong horse, we would love to exchange it for the right horse. We listen to our customers and try to fit you with a horse that works and not just any horse.

Some of you may have also experienced my no hold bars attitude. I have always stood up for myself, my beliefs, my family, my friends and horses. If you challenge me, I have no problem speaking my mind. I am an advocate for ones who cannot help themselves and I have saved many horses. I have lost some too. It never gets easy either.

At the end of the day, I am here for the horses.